For 2013 our number one objective was to make a bag drop happen in Haiti.  For us it wasn't a choice of whether or not to do it but we were short one thing..... Cash.  We decided to start this brand with giving first and selling second.  Our core mission was to give bags away, the whole business side is just about sustainability.  We don't want to be one of those organizations who constantly has to fundraise and ask people to bring support.  We find form our experiences with non-profits that it can be super restrictive to have to constantly wait on someobody else to catch your vision.  SO.... We decided to turn our cause into a business that could fund vision.  Know Me Love Me became KMLM NYC for short and we launched to support our giving.  Take arms with us on the front lines and let love rest on your shoulders.
The Royal Bedford bag is the most durable bag in our line.  We set out to create custom, stylish bags but we quickly added this vintage gem to the collection.  The Royal Bedford is  a vintage army bag which comes in waxed canvas with leather straps.  This bag will last forever and did I mention that you could pretty much pack up a small apartment in it?

We were on our way to Brooklyn Bowl and were right off Bedford at the time, when we spotted a typical brooklyn guy with a marvelous beard wearing a bag much like our Royal Bedford.  I just remember that his beard was massive and he looked like he had been living out of that bag for months. That moment sort of inspired the whole vibe of the brand and definitely inspired the name of this bag.  

We named this album "Escape from The City" because it was the first time that I had actually left New York in quite some time.  Robby and Darren who are two friends of mine headed out to Ft. Pickens on the Gulf Coast of Florida with an old land cruiser and royal einfield bike.  The Royal Bedford was the trips perfect accessory.
Introducing the launch of! Check back often for the latest news and updates. We'll keep you posted on what's going on in the world of Know Me, Love Me. Thanks for your support!