Our most recent trip to Haiti - KMLM
For 2013 our number one objective was to make a bag drop happen in Haiti.  For us it wasn't a choice of whether or not to do it but we were short one thing..... Cash.  We decided to start this brand with giving first and selling second.  Our core mission was to give bags away, the whole business side is just about sustainability.  We don't want to be one of those organizations who constantly has to fundraise and ask people to bring support.  We find form our experiences with non-profits that it can be super restrictive to have to constantly wait on someobody else to catch your vision.  SO.... We decided to turn our cause into a business that could fund vision.  Know Me Love Me became KMLM NYC for short and we launched KMLMNYC.com to support our giving.  Take arms with us on the front lines and let love rest on your shoulders.

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